Our Culture

We are a collection of fiercely talented and inventive scientists and technologists united in a common mission.

We are a community of extraordinary inventive and collaborative scientists and technologists united and driven by our common purposeful mission: to detect cancer when it matters most. We encourage each other to be adventurous and take initiative, to keep learning and apply our fierce curiosity and insight to improving the lives of others. At the same time, leadership instills a supportive environment and work-life balance.

The people at Bluestar Genomics really inspire me. It’s an environment where everyone is working towards a common goal of making innovative cancer detection tests available to patients.

Vanessa L.
Clinical Lab Scientist

Vanessa L.

We come from dozens of different countries and backgrounds… yet, this team feels like one united community focused on a shared goal and shared passion for innovation, partnership, and positive impact.

Maryam N.
Automation Scientist

Maryam N.

Bluestar Genomics is a great company for adventurous people driven by a shared mission – detecting cancer earlier. I come to work with a sense of excitement knowing that everyone’s ideas are valued and taking initiative is celebrated.

Micha C.
Clinical Lab Scientist

Micha C.

Seeing how bioinformatics, integrated with other disciplines, can deliver something that’s going to have a real-life impact on helping people now is very gratifying to me, as I first got interested in early cancer detection during my doctoral studies at UC.

Verena F.
Bioinformatics Scientist

Verena F.

As a researcher seeking to work with a great team on cutting-edge science, I think we are in a great position to make a difference in people’s lives. We are a team that is dedicated to making our cancer tests precise and impactful in improving cancer care.

Albert N.
Research Associate

Albert N.

Bluestar Core Values

We are… Innovators, Explorers and Collaborators


  • Constantly learn and apply new insights to old and new problems.
  • Be fearless and look at failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Take calculated risks for the benefit of the organization.
  • Act on the vision through creative solutions and challenge existing assumptions.
  • Present new ideas and ways of thinking to the team.


  • Seek the best solution, regardless of pedigree or personal investment.
  • Value data for its power to guide decisions and enact change.
  • Make well-informed decisions by minimizing assumptions and narrowing the scope to excellent alternatives.
  • Measure success by pre-specified and relevant metrics.
  • Maximize time and resources to efficiently accomplish our goals and are resourceful in accomplishing our goals.
  • Take initiative translating thought into action.
  • Set the optimal pace by example without being intimidating.
  • Work with a contagious energy and inspire others to break through barriers.


Honest & Considerate Communication
  • Listen and voice our opinion with candor and grace.
  • Empower and encourage to challenge our colleagues and keep an open mind when challenged.
  • Seek feedback on our work and be willing to re-evaluate our decisions.
Embrace Diversity
  • Understand and respect each other’s differences and backgrounds, learn from it and recognize it makes us stronger as a team.
  • Share in the responsibility to create an inclusive culture.
  • Be empathetic and supportive of diverse ideas, styles of work, and skillsets.


  • Comprehensive medical and dental insurance coverage for employees and their families
  • Paid time off (3 weeks at start – increasing with tenure)
  • 401K Plan company match (100% of contributions up to 4% of contributions)

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