Multi-cancer Panels

Our targeted panels track epigenomic signals to detect cancer early.

Bluestar Genomics is developing targeted multi-cancer panels designed to detect selected cancers using a single blood draw. With 15 cancer types driving the majority of cancer deaths, we take a targeted approach to addressing patient needs through early and focused detection.
To ensure accuracy through a targeted approach that optimizes cancer signal detection, our research methodologies are highly precise. Depending on the underlying technologies and approach, multi-cancer test panels can produce results that are unreliable and not actionable. We are investing heavily in each of our single cancer and multi-cancer test panels to ensure the highest level of precision, utility, and reliability.

Our flexible technology platform combines machine learning with the Bluestar Genomics proprietary 5hmC biomarker epigenomic analysis technology that enables more efficient assays to address multiple patient needs spanning the cancer journey.

Bluestar Genomics is committed to supporting cancer patients wherever they are in their cancer journey starting with early detection.

We are also exploring multiple applications for our epigenomics technology platform to assist clinicians with therapy selection, therapy monitoring and detection of cancer recurrence. Throughout the process of early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, clinicians and patients require ongoing monitoring of the disease.

Tracking Epigenomic Signals To Detect Cancer