Epigenomics Platform

We detect cancer early by identifying key dynamic differences between cancer and healthy cells.

The Bluestar Genomics approach to detecting cancer early is anchored in epigenomics. Epigenomics is the process of tracking dynamic changes in cells in the body. Bluestar Genomics uniquely measures levels of the biomarker 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) in a person’s blood to detect cancer using a novel analytical method.

The 5hmC biomarker is sensitive and precise enough to detect not just the presence of cancer, but to specify the type, distinguishing between cancerous and normal tissues and between different locations of cancer. Our novel epigenomics technology platform combines machine learning with our proprietary 5hmC biomarker analysis and other biomarker feature sets to provide a precise screening method that can detect cancer earlier than established methods.

Our Hydroxy-methylation Cytosine Analysis: Novel Epigenomics Approach to Measure Cancer Presence and Detect the Organ in which the Cancer Resides

The ability to focus sharply on only 1% of the genome, where healthy cells are dynamically changing into cancerous cells, makes epigenomics an easier, more efficient, and cost-effective approach to cancer detection.

Our unique epigenomics approach provides unprecedented precision in cancer detection by directly measuring the dynamic biological events in cells through genome analysis.

Epigenomics-based Tests for Early Cancer Detection