About Us

We harness the power of epigenomics to detect cancer early by measuring dynamic changes in a patient’s biology.

Bluestar Genomics is spearheading the development and commercialization of epigenomic non-invasive cancer tests to detect the deadliest cancers earlier than existing methods. Starting with pancreatic cancer, our aim with these tests is to detect the disease early when therapies are most effective.

Our proprietary epigenomic platform combines a unique hydroxy-methylation based liquid biopsy assay with highly sophisticated bioinformatics and machine learning to identify biomarkers and detect cancer signals in a person’s dynamic, ever-changing biology.

We partner with clinicians including primary care physicians and specialists who can administer these tests to their patients who are at high risk for developing certain types of cancer. With locations in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area, our collaborators include scientists and technologists at the regions’ top research institutions, as well as multiple Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission is to develop and commercialize disease-specific and targeted multi-cancer epigenomic tests for early cancer detection.

Our History

Inspired by patients and the discovery of a unique 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) biomarker, Bluestar Genomics was founded out of the Stanford laboratory of Steve Quake, D.Phil., to develop non-invasive epigenomic tests to detect cancer through a standard blood draw earlier than existing methods and when the disease is still treatable.

Leading by Example