Going Beyond the Sequence...

Precision epigenomic medicine

Founded out of the Stanford laboratory of Steve Quake, Bluestar Genomics develops proprietary, next-generation epigenomic, and big data approaches to obtain comprehensive disease information about a patient -- with a simple and non-invasive sample -- that will be used to solve large healthcare market needs.

this is precision 
epigenomic medicine


reinventing liquid biopsy 
through epigenomics

Non-invasive “liquid biopsy,” using cell-free DNA and high throughput genetic analyses, traditionally focuses on detecting sequence differences. This has limited big data applications to clinical conditions where such differences exist.

With the addition of epigenomics, we escape the limitations of sequence alone, providing new disease and clinical information to solve broader healthcare needs.

Bluestar Genomics applies proprietary chemistries, bioinformatics, and big data approaches to next generation sequencing. We interpret patterns of DNA hydroxymethylation and other epigenomic characteristics to provide new biological and clinical information, going beyond the sequence.

Song et al, Cell Research 2017


Song et al, PNAS 2016


BioRxiv Preprint, 2018


In the first steps toward innovative liquid biopsy applications, Bluestar Genomics reports epigenomics results stratifying pancreatic cancer patients from cell free DNA samples. >> Read Press Release

Stanford Spinout Bluestar Genomics Develops Epigenomic Method to Detect Pancreatic Cancer. >> Read GenomeWeb Article

Cell/Tissue Specificity

Identify changes in specific organs using a systemic sample

Biological Activity

Detect biological activity and gene expression

Disease Biomarkers

Reveal the presence and progression of disease

Drug Development

Improve therapy selection, efficacy and safety monitoring

Health Monitoring

Assess individual organ systems and biological functions

Non-Invasive Sampling

Avoid biopsy, surgery or direct tissue requirements

Systems Biology

Uncover the hidden interactions of multiple systems simultaneously


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Patrick Arensdorf

Chief Executive Officer

  • 20+ years leading medical device and diagnostics companies from founding through exit
  • Immumetrix (CDNA), Diadexus, Critical Diagnostics, Tethys Bioscience (HDL), Intersect ENT, First Medical (Sigma-Aldrich)
  • Global health, non-profit work: Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, Gates Foundation
  • Princeton University, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • "I have the most fun when crafting the teams that will invent the future."

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Samuel Levy PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

  • 20+ years scientific leadership in genomics and molecular diagnostic development
  • Impact Genomics (Lexent Bio), Quanticel Pharmaceuticals (Celgene), Genomic Health Celera (Quest), J. Craig Venter Institute
  • Past faculty: Scripps Translational Science Institute, Scripps Research Institute
  • University of Bristol, University of Leeds
  • “Translating complex biology and technology into valuable patient-centric products is what excites me most.”

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Kenneth Fang MD

Chief Medical Officer

  • 20+ years accelerating medical translation of biomarker discoveries into clinical products
  • Diadexus, Integrated Diagnostics, Modus Biosciences, CareDx
  • Past faculty at UCSF, investigator at the Cardiovascular Research Institute
  • University of Pennsylvania, University of California, San Francisco
  • “My focus is on the molecular stratification of disease to provide clarity and to optimize care for individuals.”

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Caitlyn Krebs

Chief Business Officer

  • 18 years in management, corporate development, operations, and scaling life sciences, diagnostic, and digital health companies
  • Neurotrack, Rock Health, Tethys Bioscience (HDL), Entelos (Rosa)
  • Non-profit work: BayBio (CLSA), California Technology Council
  • Brown University
  • “I have a passion for building successful, scalable businesses that improve patients’ lives.”


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Stephen Quake DPhil

  • Pioneer in liquid biopsy, single cell genomics, microfluidics
  • Co-President, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
  • Professor, Bioengineering and applied physics Stanford University
  • Member of all three National Academies – Science, Engineering, and Medicine
  • Past Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Alan Ashworth PhD FRS

  • Cancer biomarkers and therapeutics, DNA repair/synthetic lethality
  • President, Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • SVP for Cancer Services, UCSF Health
  • Professor, Hematology Oncology, UCSF

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Chunxiao Song PhD

  • Novel epigenetic detection chemistries
  • Assistant Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  • Chemical Epigenetics Group Leader, University of Oxford
  • University of Chicago, Stanford University

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Mattias Westman

  • International finance and investments
  • Founding Partner, Prosperity Capital Management
  • Active global cross-border investor
  • Stockholm School of Economics

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We look for extraordinary lifelong learners with a passion and growth mindset for the above disciplines, and for combining biological ingenuity with AI and data analysis, to improve healthcare outcomes. Led by a team with decades of experience bringing products from concept to market, we have offices in San Francisco and San Diego.

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